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The leporello is coming!

Do you remember the tribute to the movies of my creepy childhood I've made a while ago (here)?
Using the images of that series I've made a limited edition of a leporello that will be soon available on line in my shop and live at Seribo and Gelati Fanzine Festival! There are two version of the hand signed leporello, with two different handmade stamps.

Est! Est! Est! Mostra d'illustrazione

I will participate with some other illustrators in the exhibition curated by Uvaspina in Genova. 
Follow us on facebook page Est! Est! Est! Mostra d'illustrazione

Giorgia Marras

Baba Yaga's hut

Woven Lives

Sortie de Les Contes de Malmousque

Le disque Les contes de Malmousque de Catherine Vincent est finalement sortie! 
Vous pouvez écouter des extraits ici:
Et rendez vous à Marseille chez Lollipop Music Store pour le showcase et une petite exposition des dessins.
Voici l'évènement sur facebook: Show case Les contes de Malmousque 

Dinosaur Tote Bag

We finally made the tote bags, you can purchase them on my Etsy Shop: Anais Crocodile